Dallas Juvenile Crime Attorney
Dallas Juvenile Crime Attorney
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Lawyer For Juvenile Theft

Often minors do not realize the seriousness of engaging in an activity such as shoplifting. If their friends are doing it, they may get involved due to peer pressure. Regardless of their motivation, shoplifting and other theft crimes are serious offenses, and there are serious potential consequences for committing them in the state of Texas.

Vigorously Representing Juveniles Accused Of Theft In Dallas

If your child has found his or herself in trouble with the law for a criminal offense involving theft, attorney J. Michael Price II can help. From shoplifting to credit card fraud, we have the experience it takes to minimize the ongoing damage such a charge can cause.

Our experience practicing juvenile law in Dallas and throughout Collin County makes us uniquely qualified to keep you informed on what to expect from the process. This may be your first time dealing with juvenile theft, but it is not ours. The juvenile justice system is separate and different from the adult justice system in Texas, so it is important to have a lawyer who regularly works in the juvenile system.

Understanding The Possibilities

The way the court handles your child’s theft charge will depend on the specific details of his or her case. Whether he or she has been charged with juvenile offenses in the past, the financial value of the theft, whether he or she is accused of committing other crimes in addition to the theft and other factors will establish how the court treats your child’s case.

We are familiar with alternatives to prosecution in Texas, and by contacting us early, you maintain the best chance of reaching a successful resolution. A juvenile criminal record can continue to affect your child into adulthood if it is not handled properly. Our firm also handles sealing records of juvenile offenses, so when the time and situation allow it, we can work to clear your child’s record.

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Our founding attorney has 15 years of experience representing minors facing juvenile criminal charges. He has been honored by a variety of prestigious institutions for his hard work and commitment to his clients. If you need an attorney for juvenile theft, email us or call 214-765-8000 to make an appointment to speak to J. Michael Price II.