Dallas Juvenile Crime Attorney
Dallas Juvenile Crime Attorney
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Lawyer For Juvenile Assault

Assault charges are serious whether they are committed by an adult or a juvenile. Even situations where the injury to the victim is not too severe can result in very harsh penalties for a juvenile. The criminal justice system wants to deter future similar conduct by a young offender, so the justice system treats him or her with a degree of seriousness they hope will make the minor think twice before doing it again.

A Dallas, Texas, Attorney Protecting Your Child’s Future

Especially for young people, assault charges often stem from a fight. When a physical altercation erupts between two young people, they typically are not considering that they may end up with an assault or battery charge. They do not think that the fight could result in their engagement in a court case.

When an assault charge results from a fight, or any other factual situation, and your child is facing a charge in Dallas, Texas, it is crucial that you secure the best defense possible by hiring a qualified lawyer. J. Michael Price II has dedicated 15 years to representing clients in juvenile and criminal defense matters exclusively.

In some cases, your child may have the opportunity to have a public defender provided to him or her. However, it is a dangerous gamble to allow your child to be represented on his or her juvenile offense by anyone other than an experienced, understanding attorney who will vigorously defend him or her.

Taking Serious Charges Seriously

In certain cases of assault involving a minor, a court can choose to try your child as an adult. Obviously, in those scenarios, the stakes are even higher than usual. If your child has been caught fighting in Collin County, within in Dallas or other geographic areas, secure representation from a law firm that will aggressively work to reduce the penalties against your child or, if possible, reach an outcome that avoids the penalties altogether.

J. Michael Price II is Board-Certified in Criminal Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization and in Criminal Trial Advocacy by the National Board of Legal Specialty Certification. Additionally, he has received honors and recognition from a variety of highly respected institutions and organizations. Email us today or call 214-765-8000 to schedule a no-cost consultation with an attorney for juvenile assault.