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Dallas Juvenile Crime Attorney
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Disposition In Juvenile Court

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There are various ways a case can be disposed of in juvenile court. Our first goal is to try and prevent a case from being filed against your child. If a case is filed against your child, then a pre-adjudication program or other alternative to prosecution is very advantageous to prevent having to go to court or be formally sentenced.

How a juvenile court will handle your child’s criminal charge will depend on several factors, including the nature of the offense, prior criminal conduct or convictions and any need your child may have for treatment or other intervention.

At the law office of J. Michael Price II, we are experienced in handling all types of juvenile offenses and representing minor clients from a range of backgrounds. By exclusively practicing criminal and juvenile law for 15 years, we have become intimately familiar with the processes and possibilities of the system.

Progressive Sanctions Under Texas Law

The Texas legislature has established a system for the disposition of juvenile cases intended to make sanctions more predictable, consistent and uniform. When a court finds a child has committed an offense, a presumed sanction will be reached by considering the juvenile’s present offense and any prior criminal history. While the goal of this system was to make punishment for juveniles uniform throughout Texas, there remain serious differences in how the system is applied in Dallas, Collin and Denton counties.

In order for you to have an understanding and any possible influence on the outcome of your child’s case, you need a lawyer who is qualified and skilled working within Texas juvenile courts. We can help you to understand progressive sanctions generally and how they will apply to your child particularly.

Experienced Juvenile Defense In Dallas, Texas, And Collin County

Even with the Texas system of progressive sanctions, there can be a range of outcomes in any given case. There is no reason to leave your child’s case to the discretion of the court without having a talented advocate on your side. Your child’s best chance results from you securing representation early. Contact us today or call us at 214-765-8000 to learn more about disposition in juvenile court or to discuss your child’s case at a no-cost consultation with attorney J. Michael Price II.