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Detention Admission And Procedures

The Rights Of A Minor Detained In Texas

It is actually sometimes easier for an adult to get released from jail after an arrest than a child. A juvenile in Texas has no right to bail or bond. In fact, if a judge decides your child is a danger to himself or the community — based solely on the initial charge — he or she can detain your child for up to 10 days, basically with no questions asked.

A judge uses several factors to determine if a child should be detained or released. Among the subjects a judge may consider are:

(1) Whether he or she is likely to abscond or be removed from the jurisdiction of the court

(2) Whether suitable supervision, care or protection can be provided by a parent, guardian, custodian or other person

(3) Whether he or she has a parent, guardian, custodian or other person able to return him or her to the court when required

(4) Whether he or she may be dangerous to himself or herself or may threaten the safety of the public if released

(5) Whether he or she has previously been found to be a delinquent child or has previously been convicted of a penal offense punishable by a term in jail or prison and is likely to commit an offense if released

(Texas Family Code Section 54.01)

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Additional Court Considerations At A Juvenile Detention Hearing

At the detention hearing, the court may consider written reports from probation officers, professional court employees or professional consultants, in addition to the testimony of witnesses. We have extensive experience handling detention procedures for juveniles.

In some North Texas counties, the mere allegation of a felony offense triggers an automatic detention by the initial magistrate. In other situations, even a misdemeanor can cause your child to be detained without bond.

Obtain Professional Legal Assistance As Soon As Possible

If your child is charged or accused of a juvenile crime, or has been arrested and detained by the police, please call me immediately. Even if your child was detained after a detention hearing, in most cases an appeal to a district court judge can result in reversal of the initial detention, and within days, your child can be released to go home.

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